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Stay the Night

Immerse yourself in the Rockcut Twillingate Trails experience by overnight camping on one of the designated backcountry campsites. The sites are non-serviced (i.e., no washroom or shower facilities) with wooden tent platforms. Sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. All proceeds go towards the maintenance and expansion of the Rockcut Twillingate Trails.

The Osprey overlooks Spiller’s Cove, approximately 1km from the Spiller’s Cove trailhead at Slade’s Lane and 4km from French Beach trailhead

The Tickle-Ass sits on the beach at Codjacks Cove, approximately 1.5 km from the Codjacks Cove trailhead at Horwood’s Lane (Smith’s Lane) and 3.5 km from the trailhead at Little Harbour Road.

The Razorbill is located on Burn’s Point on the Codjacks Cove trail approximately 1.5 km from the Little Harbour Road trailhead and approximately 4.5 kms from trailhead at Horwood’s Lane.

The Gannet is located near the beach at Jones Cove, where the Little Harbour trail meets the Purcell’s Harbour trail, approximately 2 kms from the Purcell’s Harbour trailhead and 1.2 kms from Little Harbour trailhead.

The Common Murre is located on the Top of Twillingate trail at Lookout #4 approximately 1.5km from the trailhead.