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Rockcut Twillingate Trails are managed by the Rockcut Committee, under the Town of Twillingate. The Committee was created in 2019 with representation from the Town of Twillingate, Twillingate Islands Tourism Association (TITA), local business owners and passionate trail enthusiasts.

In 2019, the Rockcut Committee received approximately $420K in funding from the Provincial and Federal Government (Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) to enhance and expand Twillingate’s trail system. This funding is cost-shared with the Town of Twillingate (10%) of which the TITA contributes 1%.

The Committee’s mandate is to enhance, expand and maintain the trail system to a high standard, creating a world-class hiking destination. Beyond this, the Committee’s goal is to expand and connect the trails to circumnavigate all of Twillingate Island, creating over 55Km of connected trails and multi-day hiking experiences. This will take time and more funding, but the dedicated and passionate Rockcut Committee members are up for the task!

Allison Vincent – Co-Chair & Merchandise Sub Committee
Bobby Gorman – Co-Chair & Maintenance Sub Committee
Winst Jenkins – Maintenance Sub Committee
Peter Butt – Maintenance Sub committee
Mark Bulgin – Merchandise Sub Committee
Marie Magnin – Marketing Sub Committee
Mandi Dawn – Marketing Sub Committtee
Grant White –Recreation Director for Town of Twillingate and TITA representative
Andrew Rowsell – Town of Twillingate Council Member & Marketing Sub Committee